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Security Solutions 

​We are specialist in providing guard tour management system, door access control management system for business client. Our client come across different industry such as security, F&B, Retail, Business Office, Warehouse, MCST Condo Apartment and etc. 

Security Product 

Guard Tour Management System

A guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as security guards patrolling property, and technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments.

Highlight Specifications:

  • Alloy body, molded rubble shell

  • Completely water resistant

  • Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock

  • USB cable communication, high download speed

  • Super storage capacity 4 Mb Flash, 60000 records

  • Easy operation, easy maintenance

  • Reading distance ≤ 5 cm

  • Real time internal clock

  • Rechargeable lithium battery

  • Low power consumption and long battery life, 270 000 continuous reads

guard tour system, guardscan, guard patrolling system, tour guard


Door Access Control System

Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit.

Supported Hardware 

door access 4.jpg
EM lock, breakglass, key switch, door access
door access system

600lb Electron Magnetic Lock c/w mounting bracket

Reader + Controller and overriding key switch

time attendance system, biometric fingerprint, time clock
3G Fingerprint Reader
time clock, door access, fingerprint reader
Access Control Fingerprint Reader
proximity card, RFID card system, door access system, keypad access control system
Card Access Reader
face recognition reader, time clock, Biometric face reader
Face+Fingerprint+ Card Reader
time clock, biometric face reader,
3G Face+Fingerprint+ Card Reader

Highlight Specifications:

  • Support 1FA, 2FA & 3FA (Face, Fingerprint, cards, PIN).

  • High local memory transaction logs capacity.

  • Able to control time zone to restrict the personnel accessibility.

  • High speed verification (1sec-3sec) base on different model.

  • Support all type of door such as glass, wooden and metal door, turnstile, tripod, flap barrier.

  • Support 3rd part door controller, access control system.

  • Come with backup battery and power supply, Locks, break-glass, push button, key switch.

  • Optional to adding buzzer, door bell and remote control.

  • Support cloud solutions to synchronize biometric template/cards for multi door access

  • Able to supply clocking raw data to cloud attendance solutions for verification.

Surveillance CCTV

Commonly can classified into analog and IP base. Analog photography is photography that uses a progressively changing recording medium, which may be either chemical process based (e.g., photographic film or plate) or electronic (e.g., vidicon or CCD sensor).


An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

Compare cctv image quality
CCTV camera
Bullet IR Camera
cctv camera
Vandal Proof Camera
cctv camera, ip cam
IP Camera
cctv camera, dome camera
Dome Camera
4/8/16/32 DVR/NVR

CCTV Item List

Camera- Analog Series

  • AL1200D-S3 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera

  • AL1200B-S3-VF 2MP 1080P Water-proof HDCVI IR-Bullet Camera

  • AL1200B-S3 ​2MP 1080P Water-proof HDCVI IR Bullet Camera

Camera- IP Series

  • IP1200D  2MP IR Mini-Dome Network Camera

  • IP4221F 2MP Full HD WDR Network Vandal-proof IR Wedge Dome Camera

  • IP4221F 2MP IR Mini-Bullet Network Camera

  • IP2320B-VF 3MP HD Network IR Bullet Camera


DVR- Analog

  • AL5104CVR/5108/5116HS-NT 4/8/16CH Tribrid 720P-Pro Compact 1U HDCVI/AHD DVR

  • AL5424CVR/5432-S2 24/32CH Tribrid 720P-Pro 1.5U HDCVI DVR 

NVR- IP Base

  • IP1104NVR/1108H-P 4/8CH Mini 1U 4PoE Network Video Recorder 

  • IP5816NVR/5832/5864 16/32/64 Channel 2U 4K&H.265 Pro Network Video Recorder




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